Friday, April 18, 2014

Beach Bag

Trust me when I say I put my beach bags to the test!  We are at the beach quite a bit, but mine also goes to the pool and is often on the boat too.  I regularly stuff it to overflowing and carry it, slide it, haul it and throw it in the trunk.

When we moved here, I used one of the LL Bean XL Boat and tote.  Those bags are sturdy and all of mine have held up well.  It’s down side was it’s weight.  Fully loaded it weighed approximately 99 pounds.  Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

About a year later my sister gifted me with a Scout bag.  It is was colorful, light and easy to keep clean.  It was just as big as the LL Bean bag, and I always had it full.  After a while the laminated material started coming apart on the handles.  They looked ok, but left a sticky residue on the hands.  No bueno.

So I decided it was time to actually find the best beach bag I could.


I ordered this darling bag from Land’s End and I love it.  It isn’t as stiff as the LL Bean bags, and it has pockets.  Pockets are important.  Isn’t the kelly green monogram a great touch?

I can fit 3-4 towels and all our other necessities. 

What does a bona fide beach bum need for an afternoon at the beach?

I’m sure you’re eager to hear.I carry several  nylon zippered pouches with lots of sunscreen, goggles and an underwater camera.  I have other pouches that I keep stocked with granola bars, band aids, a few kids water toys, grocery bags to use for trash.  Hats are a real necessity for the strong sun, so I usually have one or two in my bag as well.  Last year I added a Jambox by jawbone to the bag and I love it!  Because I am fancy I also carry my iphone in a  ziplock bag.  {we have several waterproof cases, but sometimes a ziplock is just easier, you know}


I’m really looking forward to getting lots of use from this beach bag.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beaching It

We are enjoying every minute of Spring Break.  Although the boys and I thrive on schedules, I am enjoying just figuring it out as we go.

We have gone to the beach and although the boys are not enthusiastic about going, they always have a blast while we are there.

This just never gets old…


Jackson’s buddies joined us today.  I think he wants to be their third twin!


We also saw these Spotted Eagle Rays as we walked under the bridge to the beach.


They were pretty smallIMG_3100

About 20 feet away there was another group of them.  11 in all!


That never gets old either!

So I am putting the pressure on those of you who have been considering a visit.  We only have a year or so left here, so what are you waiting for?

Monday, April 14, 2014

This and That

The days are flying by and the boys are just growing up so fast.   I had to video the boys doing some of their tricks.  I’m always afraid I’ll forget what it’s like with them.  So here they are at 5 and a half and 7 and a half.

Well I can only get one small snippet to publish on here…They are totally in their element when they are doing their “tricks”!

Miller is constantly going onto the dock and observing the fish and creatures out there.  He never fails to run back inside and yell with total awe that he has seen a _______.  It doesn’t matter if it is a stingray or a minnow, he gets super excited every time.


He’s still doing his signature move…the thumbs up seems to be here to stay!  As are apples.  If he is at home he eats 2-4 a day.



This day he spotted a sea urchin…NIK_6115

an angel fish…


a Nassau grouper…


a baby angel fish ({we call them bumblebee fish}…


and a bonefish.


We later found some bubble bath…they go bonkers for bubble bath!


And that wraps up the most random post of all time!

They boys have Spring break this week, so we will be beaching it and  having lots of time to chill!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tooth Fairy

Did you ever see the episode of Modern Family where The Tooth Fairy accidentally gives Lilly $100?  Well apparently my life imitates a sitcom, because we had a similar situation here the other night. 

The trailer for that episode sets it up perfectly.

Memorable Quotes:
"The Tooth Fairy gave our daughter $100! Does she not know that the going rate for a tooth is five at the most?"
Cameron: "Well, obviously the Tooth Fairy made a mistake."
Mitchell: "That's because the Tooth Fairy had a little too much Chardonnay last night."
Cameron: "I think the Tooth Fairy can handle the Chardonnay. What I think she can't handle is criticizing someone who made an honest mistake in the dark of the night."

I do love Modern Family!

So back to Miller…Thursday afternoon he was wiggling it and being quite a drama queen about it, so I basically made him let me pull it. 

Yes I traumatized him, but…The dentist charges upwards of $150 to pull a tooth and the new one needed its space, so I just had to get in there and go for it. He will have to work it out with his therapist when he’s older.

Once the tooth was out he cried for a few seconds but was thrilled to get a popsicle and forgot all about his tooth trauma.  That night he happily put the tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy to exchange for the customary $5 that she leaves in our house.

The next morning the tooth fairy woke up at 5:48 and realized she had forgotten to do the exchange, so she hurried to her wallet and was careful to avoid the $50 bill in her wallet. She made the exchange and went back to bed.

Shortly after that Miller came to my room and informed me that the tooth fairy had left him $24.  Yes, she had avoided the $50 bill, but had managed to pick up a $20 bill instead of the $1 bill.  He was thrilled.  His brother felt gypped and I felt like a punk!

Photo (21)

Oh well, he went to the sports store and bought himself a new ball and we are all happy with the outcome. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Because I’m HAPPY!

Don’t you love the song Happy?

Miller’s class sang the song Happy by Pharrell.  I think it is just too cute not to share.

Happy Monday y’all!

Friday, April 4, 2014

April {Fools} Musings…

I forgot to come back and tell y’all that the whole hamster thing was a joke.  I wanted to trick someone, and I totally did not pull it off.  womp, womp, womp!

However, I did  get the boys really good.  I filled up their cereal bowls the night before and then put them in the freezer.  They went to dig into their cereal and it went clunk!


They also had to figure out what to do with this spoon situation.


And some pink milk..

That night we had dinner with friends and each boy had a plastic bug in their ice!


Being a trickster is so fun with boys this age!  The grosser the better!  Big times, I tell you.

Jackson is now declaring it April Fool’s month!  His sweet teacher is his victim quite a bit!  He wanted to switch out her apple juice for lemon juice.  I didn’t want him to do that so he told her he was moving to Alaska.  Then threw a big plastic spider at her.

Last weekend Jackson also had some of this action going on.  There’s only so many things you can do with a coconut before he thinks of this!


He is super goofy right now.  You can barely tell that he is wearing a candy necklace as a headband too!

Jackson found this in his after school snack!


Wonder what funny things these boys will think up next!

Oh and…So despite the email from the soccer coach declaring that the soccer season was over, it turns out that it was a little premature.  We will soldier on!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Soccer Season- Check!

I’m not sure but I think that soccer season may be over.  They had the tournament last weekend and that usually signals the end of the season.  There may be a few random games, but I think we are done! { I was so focused on getting all the water and snacks we would need for 2 boys for many hours, that I left my camera.  A friend of mine took these pictures.}

Miller told me on the way to the tournament that he doesn’t really like soccer because he gets tired.  We spoke a bit about being a part of a team and keeping commitments.  So he played in the tournament, but his heart wasn’t in it.  His soccer career may have ended.  I’m ok with that!


I’m thinking that he’s the only kid in this picture who looks intense!  He takes after his dad is his rhino like approach to soccer! Poor girl who got in his way never even saw him coming.


He is much happier just hanging with his friends.



Jackson puts his whole heart into the games.  They played 4 mini games and then lost in the semi finals.  He was pretty disappointed, but that is part of learning.  Before every game I tell them to play hard and have fun.  I like to subscribe to the philosophy that if you had fun you won.  Otherwise it can be too much!

soccer 1 (1)

He mostly plays goalie and for this tournament the hosts decided to abide by Bahamian Football rules which is that goalies can not use their hands.  Look at the size of the nets they were playing with.

soccer 1 (1)

If you think a 7 year old can cover that net with no hands, I want to meet that 7 year old.  It was a little discouraging, but I know he will face much bigger disappointments in his life than this.

soccer 4

Overall they have both had a wonderful time playing soccer and have learned a few things about sports, and more importantly about life during the season. 

As a parent, I want my kids to know just going out there and giving it their best and learning about who God made them to be is a joy to watch no matter what the score is at the end of the game.