Friday, December 19, 2014

Festival of Lights Boat Parade

This was our 3rd year enjoying the Festival of Lights Boat parade.  Our friends are kind enough to include us on their boat each year and we love getting out on the water to see all the entrants up close and personal. 


photo credit

This year’s contest was smaller than it has been in the past, but they had a $20,000 prize for the winners!

Of course my camera battery dies after 3 pictures (blurry of course), but it was so much fun!

This is my artistic approach to photography! 


I kid, it’s nearly impossible to get photos at night unless you’re still and since I was on a boat it wasn’t very still!


The kids love seeing the fireworks so close!NIK_9061

We all bundled up because the weather has been a bit chilly.  68 degrees or so!


My sister Sharon was visiting and got to come too!  She has a funny story about winning third place in a boat parade based only on enthusiasm!


The theme was sailing to commemorate Sir Durward Knowles sailing gold medal in the Olympics 50 years ago.  Here are some photos from the official site


After following the parade for a bit we headed back in the direction of home, but made a small detour to check out this super yacht that was anchored along the cruise ship pier.



It was enormous…and gorgeous…and owned by the former prime minister of Qatar…which must be a very lucrative job!

Go check it out because my iPhone pictures at night don’t do it any justice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bahamian Snow Day- What the Heck Wednesday

We have been having some wild weather here recently.  Typically December is pretty windy and we have had our fair share of wind so far.  The other day as we were leaving the neighborhood there was a LOT of water in the road.  It was coming from the beach across the street and going right into our neighborhood.  Sometimes if we get a real big high tide and wind at the same time this happens. 

Not a huge deal because our neighborhood has a canal system and the water will run right back into the canals.

So I took the boys to school and we marveled at the big waves along the way.  I stayed for my usual volunteering time and then made my way home.  When I came over the hill and saw that what we had thought was high tide was really just nearly high tide.  The real high tide hit while I was at the school.  And with it came a lot of stuff that shouldn’t have been in the road.  Normally this road it a pot holed mess.  It had officially just gotten worse.

As I drove down the road I was simultaneously thinking, “This wasn’t even a storm” and “My car is going to get eaten alive with this salt water.”amh (21)

The close I got to home the worse it got…amh (30)

IMG_4211amh (38)

Have you ever run over a coconut?  I don’t suggest it.  I sounds like you just ran over a bomb.  {Or what I imagine running over a bomb would sound like since I’ve never run over a real bomb, but I have run over several coconut explosive devices}amh (44)amh (45)

As I got ready to enter my neighborhood it was a total mess.  There was a bus that got stuck in the sand.  Some guys were trying to pull it out by using a light post as leverage.  amh (49)

There were regular people passing through and poor tourists who had to get off their scooters and push them through the mess.amh (53)IMG_4228IMG_4234

I stayed within our neighborhood for an hour or two and when I came out they had tried cleaning it up some….


I’m thinking that these guys know how to drive a tractor, but snow plowing is just not their thing….

amh (63)

You see they piled all that sand right there. 

amh (61)

In the exact spot where the water came onto the road.  The exact spot where the water is going to come back through when the tide is high again next time.

amh (63)

Hey!  It beats a snow day in the North any day!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa is Coming!

In my last post, I showed a picture of my Santa collection and this  new addition to the crew.  Within a few hours my sister was calling me and asking the who, what and how of this canvas.


So here you go… 

Usually we have another painting that I made to go there in order to cover up the cable and electrical outlets that are mounted on the wall.  Here is a picture from 2012 where you can see it up there {and look how cute and sweet Jackson was then}


Please allow me to rant….Who puts a cable and electrical outlet over seven feet off the ground and does not even center it?  Who puts something like that in a cinderblock wall that would require a really crazy TV mount situation…to be mounted there (not centered) and then decide that an entertainment center is just easier to figure out? 

Someone who cares nothing for my state of mind, that’s who!  Yeah let’s just leave it there and call it a day!

So for a few years I’ve had it covered up.  This year I changed some of my Christmas decorations  and decided to put the Santas there and have the nativity down where the boys can see it better.  So the usual canvas looks awful with the Santas and of course like any perfectly sane person I knew I had to create a new canvas to cover the outlets.

Yes, I am very good at making extra work for myself.  So I Googled “Santa picture” and finally came to one that I liked and I thought I could execute. 

It turns out that Pottery Barn had something similar (for $250) a few years ago and it had been copied all over the internet.  So I printed out a copy and set up a grid on my canvas and got to work.


I lightened this one so you can see it better.


It is pretty simple if you just put a grid on your paper and then do a little math to find out the grid on your canvas.  After that is done you just draw each square exactly as it looks in the original.


Then you just get to coloring.  I used a silver Sharpie.  I have an extensive collection of Sharpies and I’m not afraid to admit it!

{I decided to do this before my Christmas decorations were really finished and there were still boxes in the Dining room.  I have no idea why I needed to get this done so desperately….}

I got about half way through when my marker died.  I had another one, but when I opened it, the new one was dried up.   Womp, womp womp!  So the next day I trotted myself all the way across the island to get another silver Sharpie.  It turned out that they didn’t have the same one as I had before.  Why would they?  That would be way too easy. 

They did have a silver paint pen.  I love paint pens.  Well I did when I was 12, which is also when I loved White Out so much I painted my lampshade in my bedroom with White Out…so yeah, I love paint pens.

Bada bing bada boom!


The paint pen has a different sheen on the canvas and it irks me some to look at it and see two different shades of silver on there.  But sometimes you just have to call it done and move on…

There is always next year to improve it and make it even better!  I’m thinking glitter!


Oh and I’d be lying if I didn’t show you this.  It turns out that this canvas is just a bitty bit smaller than the one I usually have up there.  So the outlets show.  Let’s take a moment to mourn for my precarious mental health…

I’m looking for an easel to put it on…. maybe one I can have to fix up and make more work for myself.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Busy-ness

Things have been a little quiet on the blog since life has been a little hectic lately.  It is the best kind of busy-ness.  The Christmas kind.  If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know that I have made an decorate 408 cookies.  More or less.  This is after I cleaned up the cookie crazy town that was my house for way too long.


There are still a few that I couldn’t get into my containers.NIK_9029

We decorated the house for the season and I  love it and always want to do more, while at the same time cursing the lights that I love so much!

The front porch got a new small tree to go in the urn that is usually there. 


I had most of the decorations and I love that it adds that extra bit of festiveness to the front porch.  And yes that is really the color of our house.  Don’t be jealous!


The stockings are hung on the staircase with care.


In the Dining room some glass balls are hung from the lights.


I put some of my candles and mercury glass down lower this year with the nativity.  Time will tell if that was a good idea or not.  We have had that loving cup since we got married and sometimes I forget about it, but every time it comes out and gets polished I love it even more.  The boys are eyeing those giant candy canes…which are about 4 years old.


My favorite Christmas pillow is out and making me smile every time I see it.NIK_9040

Our tree fills me with so much joy.  I know it isn’t designer and it isn’t picture perfect, but it has so many memories.  As much as I would love to do a theme tree, I just don’t know if I would like it anywhere near as much as I like this one.


The Lego Christmas Village was quite the undertaking this year.  We (Jackson and I) spent more than a few hours putting it together.  It’s a labor of love!NIK_9045

Since the nativity and candles are down on the buffet the Santas ended up on top of the entertainment center.  This year I added a little something to the Santa collection.  Can you spot it?NIK_9025

In addition to bringing so much Christmas cheer to the house there have been all the regular goings on that keep our schedules busy.  The days are absolutely flying by!  S

low down please, December!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Jackson’s class has been working on personal narrative stories and they had a publication party to celebrate the completion.  These kids are such great writers!NIK_8674

His story was about the time he went gem mining in NC and got lots of amethysts.  He had so many great descriptive sentences.  I love the first sentence, “I ran into my car and waited for my mom and dad.”  Yep he was in the car about 20 minutes before us… he was so excited.NIK_8682

Many of the parents and school staff attended the publication party and the kids were so great about going to the adults and reading their stories to them.


Miller’s class has not had a publication party yet, but I did get this paper home recently.  It is a gem. 

photo 1 (13)

There are  some pictures at the top and he had to write a story to go with the pictures.

He wrote,  translation is in blue

1. On Saturday we went fishing. {On Saturday we went fishing.  Duh! You got that}

2.we sawa hippo.  it was a bigun. {We saw a hippo. It was a bigun. pretty self explanatory.}

3. it tumtt the bot over.  {It tumped over the boat.  Do you say tumped over instead of tipped over?  We do.  It’s actually a word in the dictionary. Who knew?}

4.but den it rod us to sor. {But then it rode us to shore.}

I found this little piece of school work profoundly adorable!  Just so you know Miller’s teacher is Canadian and although she is lovely I don’t think she is familiar with some of these words…

In case you don’t know and use the word “tump”  Here you go!

Definition of TUMP

intransitive verb

chiefly Southern

:  to tip or turn over especially accidentally —usually used with over <sooner or later everybody tumps over. Nothing to worry about if you don't get caught under the canoe — Don Kennard>

transitive verb

chiefly Southern :  to cause to tip over : overturn, upset —usually used with over

Origin of TUMP

perhaps akin to British dialect tumpoke to fall head over heels

First Known Use: 1967


I love these awesome writers!  We are so thankful that they are getting a great education… despite the fact that they apparently speak like country bumpkins!